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ASG Ultimate AEG Spring - M115

Elevate your airsoft AEG performance with the ASG Ultimate Mil-Spec AEG Spring - M115 from Urban Armaments.

Crafted for urban operations, this spring offers unparalleled durability, ensuring consistent and high-powered performance in every shot.

The quick-change feature empowers you to adapt swiftly, maintaining your edge in dynamic scenarios.

Trust Urban Armaments to deliver a spring that combines durability, consistency, and high power, setting the standard for top-tier urban armaments.

Upgrade your AEG with the ASG Ultimate Mil-Spec AEG Spring - M115 and explore our selection for superior gear designed to meet the rigorous demands of urban missions.


  • The coloured end identifies the power rating and which end goes into your piston (front)
  • Consistent power with a minimum loss between each shot
  • Excellent coil strength
  • Closed and flattened top and end for improved stability
  • Designed with 6.03mm Inner barrels in mind
  • Progressive coils result in a smooth initial piston release limiting stress on internal components
  • Side bending is reduced due to materials and finish
  • Excellent for the high rate of fire builds
  • Black Zinc plating to limit corrosion without impairing spring performance

Package Includes

  • ASG ULTIMATE Mil-Spec AEG Spring

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