Maple Leaf Super Macaron 50 Hop Up bucking for AEG

Maximize your airsoft rifle's performance with the Maple Leaf Super Macaron Hop-Up Bucking. Engineered for precision and consistency, this high-quality bucking enhances your BB's spin for unparalleled accuracy.

The Super Macaron series is designed for optimal air seal, ensuring consistent muzzle velocity shot after shot. Crafted with durable materials, Maple Leaf's commitment to quality shines through in this advanced hop-up bucking.

Elevate your airsoft game with the Super Macaron Hop-Up Bucking and experience improved range and accuracy. Upgrade your hop-up system now to gain a competitive edge on the field. Explore our selection for the ultimate in airsoft precision and reliability.

Best paired with the Maple leaf Omega Nub. 
  • 50 degree up to 360 FPS
  • 60 degree 290-390 FPS
  • 70 degree 355-460 FPS 
  • 75 degree 420-490 FPS
  • 80 degree 480 FPS or higher