Nuprol EU series holster (Glock)

Equip yourself with the pinnacle of tactical functionality – the Nuprol EU Series Holster by Urban Armaments.

Crafted for urban operations, this holster exemplifies durability, modularity, and quick-release precision.

Engineered to accommodate a wide variety of EU series pistols, it ensures a secure and customizable fit, guaranteeing optimal retention in any scenario.

Urban Armaments takes pride in delivering top-tier tactical gear, and this holster is no exception.

Elevate your readiness with the Nuprol EU Series Holster – a testament to the perfect fusion of durability, modularity, and quick-release efficiency.
Explore our selection now for superior gear designed for the demands of urban environments.

NUPROL Perfect Fit Holsters are designed specifically for Airsoft, whilst maintaining the quality standards expected by LAW ENFORCEMENT entities.
The holsters are manufactured from PA6 (Nylon 6), a synthesized Polymer that boasts exceptional high impact, mechanical and fatigue properties – providing excellent durability and comfort when compared to standard plastic holsters.