Do I need a licence to purchase an Airsoft gun?

Yes and no, technically you don't however we as a retailer need to ensure you have a reason to purchase replica's. 

How old do you need to be to have an Airsoft gun? 

You can legally buy and own an Airsoft gun at 18+ however, if your parent or guardian trusts you and is willing to purchase one on your behalf, that is perfectly legal. 

Does Airsoft hurt? 

The projectiles shot from an Airsoft gun do sting when they hit on bare skin, however wearing baggier or tough clothes to mitigate how much you're going to feel it. 

Where can I find my tracking information? 

All tracking information is sent to your email when your parcel is shipped. 

I can't find my country at checkout? 

Unfortunately due to the nature of our business we cannot ship outside of the UK