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Viper Scrote Pouch - MultiCam

Introducing the Viper Scrote Pouch, a cutting-edge addition to your tactical gear lineup from Urban Armaments. Engineered with precision and designed for adaptability, this pouch is a versatile solution for organizing and securing your essentials in the field.



Key Features:

  1. Adaptable Design: Urban Armaments understands the dynamic nature of tactical missions, and the Viper Scrote Pouch is crafted with adaptability in mind. Whether you need a compact pouch for essentials or an additional storage option for specialized tools, this pouch seamlessly integrates into your loadout, offering unparalleled versatility.

  2. YKK Zipper for Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of demanding missions, the Viper Scrote Pouch features a robust YKK zipper. Urban Armaments prioritizes durability, ensuring that your pouch remains secure and reliable in various environments. Trust in the strength of the YKK zipper to keep your gear protected and easily accessible.

  3. Hook and Loop Secured: Security is paramount, and the Viper Scrote Pouch employs a hook and loop attachment system for added peace of mind. Urban Armaments ensures that your essentials stay safely stowed with a secure and easy-to-use attachment mechanism. Whether you're in high-pressure situations or on the move, count on the hook and loop system for dependable attachment.

  4. Internal Retention with Hook and Loop: Organization is key, and the Viper Scrote Pouch takes it to the next level with an internal retention system secured by hook and loop. Keep your gear neatly organized and easily accessible within the pouch, ensuring that everything has its place and stays in place during intense tactical operations.

Elevate your organizational game with the Viper Scrote Pouch from Urban Armaments ‚Äď where adaptability meets durability. Whether you're storing essential tools or organizing mission-critical gear, this pouch is designed to enhance your tactical efficiency. Upgrade your loadout and experience the Urban Armaments advantage today.

  • Velcro attachment for tactical vests & rigs¬†
  • Looped belt attachment webbing
  • Straps on each side
  • Front Velcro ID panel
  • Viper firm draw zip puller¬†
  • Elasticated internal loo holders
  • Velcro front internal pouch¬†
  • Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 4cm

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