Secure your gear with confidence using the Nuprol Small Hard Case, 
by Urban Armaments for unbeatable security and protection.

Engineered with robust materials, this case ensures maximum durability and waterproof reliability in any environment.

Urban Armaments is dedicated to providing top-tier gear for urban operations, and this compact hard case is no exception.

With a focus on security and protection, trust the Nuprol Small Hard Case to safeguard your valuable equipment. Explore our selection now for superior gear protection tailored to the demands of dynamic environments.

  • NUPROL¬†Small Pistol Hard Case 31cm x 21cm
  • Carry Handle
  • Durable Polymer Design
  • Dual Sliding Latches
  • Handle Holes for securing the Case with Locks and¬†Padlocks
  • Bottom runs for Standing the Case Vertically
  • Removable Egg Shell Foam Internals
  • Alternate External Pattern for Secure Stacking
  • Internal Dimensions:¬†304 x 192 x 66mm